Combatting Senior Malnutrition

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Malnutrition and inadequate nutritional care is sadly common for Canadian seniors, affecting more than 33% of the senior population. Since proper nutrition is the basis to overall health, many seniors are experiencing health risks such as infection, muscle tears, and poor wound healing, among other serious conditions. Here are some causes of malnutrition and ways to combat senior malnutrition. 

Living With Type 2 Diabetes

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Approximately one in five seniors in Canada is diagnosed with diabetes. The vast majority of these are Type 2 diabetes (adult-onset diabetes). Complications from diabetes can include nerve damage, eye damage, and increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Thankfully, there are healthy habits seniors can adopt to reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

Seniors Health: Managing Diabetes

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Diabetes affects seniors more than any other age group, with nearly one million Canadians 65 years and over being diabetic. Living with diabetes can be daunting, but here are some practical things you can do to keep the disease under control.

Helping Your Loved One with Dietary Changes

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As a caregiver, trying to get your loved one to change entrenched habits can be a challenge. Even if you both know that these changes come from a place of love, respect, and wanting them to lead happier and healthier lives, upsetting routine is not always easy. When it comes to dietary changes, things become even more challenging. Food can … Read More

Maintaining a Healthy Weight as a Senior

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People are living longer and enjoying active lifestyles well into their 80s and 90s. Research continues to confirm that eating well and being physically active can have a dramatic impact on quality of life for older adults. You are never too old to reap the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. In fact, as we age, our food choices … Read More

Detecting and Preventing Malnutrition in Seniors

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Malnutrition is a serious health problem for seniors, and is more common than you’d think. Learn the signs and causes of malnutrition and take steps to ensure the seniors in your life are eating a balanced, healthy diet. Problems caused by malnutrition Malnutrition in seniors can cause serious health problems, such as: A weakened immune system, making them prone to … Read More

Nutrition For Seniors – Vegetable Myths – Part Two

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In a previous post we discussed the importance of ensuring that seniors are getting enough vegetables, and pointed out some of the most popular myths about vegetables. Here are a few more myths and a few facts … The more colourful a vegetable is, the more nutritious it is. White cabbage is one of the most vitamin and nutrient rich … Read More

Nutrition For Seniors – Vegetable Myths

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When we were kids, our parents always told us to eat our vegetables because they were good for us. When your parents start getting older, it’s time to give them the same advice. Adding a lot of vegetables to meals is a great idea because they are full of nutrients, low in calories and they add a lot of flavour … Read More

Dementia at Meal Time

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Meal times, and day-to-day eating and drinking, can become very challenging as dementia progresses. In the early stages, a person with dementia who lives alone may begin to experience difficulty with preparing food, acquiring food, or remembering to eat. Meal delivery services like Meals on Wheels may not be helpful as they may not remember to eat the meals that … Read More