Canadian Scientist Honoured with International Award for Diabetic Research

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Dr. Daniel Drucker’s incredible contributions towards diabetic research earned him the 2021 Canada Gairdner International Award. His findings over the years have proven instrumental in not only better understanding diabetes and obesity, but also how best to approach treating it. Today, let’s explore the fundamentals of those findings as well as his most recent endeavors.

The ABCs of ABIs: Acquired Brain Injuries and Proper Care

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Living with an acquired brain injury is no easy feat. It requires plenty of patience, determination, and the right means of mobile independence recovery in order to improve that little bit more every day. At Choice Homecare Ottawa, we know how important it is for individuals facing such conditions to reach out and secure an appropriate means of care. In this first of a two-part blog series on acquired brain injuries, we’ll familiarize you with the leading causes and effects before moving on to appropriate forms of treatment.

Mobility and Quality of Life: Why the Two Go Hand-in-Hand

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Being able to get around and move freely is necessary for an independent lifestyle, and nobody cherishes it more than those who have had to recover their mobility due to an illness. Some never fully regain the level of control they had before, making for new daily challenges and struggles. Today, let’s explore some key reasons why maintaining control over mobility can lead to a higher quality of life. 

4 Important Steps Towards Mobility in Stroke Recovery

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When a loved one suffers a stroke, it can be an overwhelmingly stressful process to help them get back on their feet. Literally. A loss of mobility is a common side-effect and it can take many months or years of specialized therapy to restore the use and strength of all limbs, if possible. Today, let’s explore some key stages of the journey towards post-stroke mobility recovery.

Symptoms Faced by Individuals with Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral Palsy is a condition that can be difficult to live with, especially without professional care. While some patients will have more severe symptoms than others, what are some everyday struggles faced by these individuals?