The ABCs of ABIs: Acquired Brain Injuries and Proper Care

Choice HomecareAcquired Brain Injury, Complex Care

Living with an acquired brain injury is no easy feat. It requires plenty of patience, determination, and the right means of mobile independence recovery in order to improve that little bit more every day. At Choice Homecare Ottawa, we know how important it is for individuals facing such conditions to reach out and secure an appropriate means of care. In this first of a two-part blog series on acquired brain injuries, we’ll familiarize you with the leading causes and effects before moving on to appropriate forms of treatment.

What Can Cause Acquired Brain Injuries?

Sometimes known as traumatic brain injuries, such conditions develop due to a number of different factors. Among them, trauma or serious injury to the head area is the most common cause, followed by strokes, substance abuse, various poisons, and a lack of oxygen to the brain. Tumours and select infections may also lead to acquired brain injuries. 

What Symptoms Might Occur?

The symptoms you encounter will vary depending on the severity of your injury, as the latter influences the amount of damage done to the brain. In addition, the location of the damage can have different, sometimes-lasting effects. That said, from a general perspective, symptoms may include some or all of the following:

  • Vision changes

  • Chronic pain and headaches

  • Seizures

  • Cognitive impedances (limited thought processes, trouble focusing)

  • Amnesia and difficulties with basic learning skills

  • Fluid buildup in the brain

  • Depression, anxiety, and stress

  • Reduced mobile independence

Bear in mind that this is a very short list; there are dozens of symptoms out there which can vary wildly depending on the nature of your injury, whether it’s traumatic or not, and how soon you have reached out before symptoms intensify or influence the onset of others. 

Recommended Solutions

Attempting to recover from an acquired brain injury, traumatic or not, can be very difficult and dangerous if carried out on your own. This is largely due to the fact that your cognitive independence may be severely impacted by the damage caused. To ensure a safe, effective, and balanced treatment process that doesn’t try to push too hard or too little, we recommend seeking out specialized care services handled by experienced medical professionals.

Choice Homecare’s in-home care services can ensure your comfort, contentment, engagement with others, and absolute safety during this time. In the follow-up and final post in this series, we’ll explore how Choice Homecare Ottawa’s in-home care services are an ideal choice for ABI and TBI sufferers. To learn more, reach out to us today and book your free assessment – we’re happy to help get you on the smoothest possible road to recovery, when possible, and optimal wellness!