Mobility and Quality of Life: Why the Two Go Hand-in-Hand

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Being able to get around and move freely is necessary for an independent lifestyle, and nobody cherishes it more than those who have had to recover their mobility due to an illness. Some never fully regain the level of control they had before, making for new daily challenges and struggles. Today, let’s explore some key reasons why maintaining control over mobility can lead to a higher quality of life. 

Interacting with Loved Ones

Being able to spend wholesome, hindrance-free time with friends and family is essential, especially in older adults who may not receive much company. Hugging the grandkids, taking your spouse out for lunch, and enjoying outings with friends can serve as a source of joy and excitement – often much-needed in the daily lives of those living with reduced mobility. 

Maintaining Independence

If you suddenly weren’t able to get around and live on your own due to mobility issues, it’s likely that you would be stressed, frustrated and uncomfortable. We all want to be able to handle everyday life on our own without needing to rely on someone else. However, with professional and dedicated physiotherapy readily available, those with reduced mobility have the chance to regain control over their own bodies, step by step. We all need a certain degree of self-control and independence to feel safe and comfortable in our own homes, leading to self-assurance and a focus on keeping busy. 

Travelling Outside the Home

With sufficient mobility, we have the chance to see more of the world and expose ourselves to new experiences. From food to friendly faces and cultural experiences, there’s plenty of inspiring opportunities beyond that doorstep. Therefore, being able to get out and about makes for a more fulfilling, positive and healthier lifestyle. 

Mental Wellness and Perspective

If we remain shut inside our homes, unable to move around, we can develop all sorts of mental health issues that detract from the quality of life. This can include pent-up anxiety, depression, emotional instability due to a lack of social activity, and the development of a negativity bias in the mind. Being able to move freely – even for little things such as checking the mailbox at the end of the driveway or walking to the grocery store – can stimulate the mind, encouraging optimism and self-confidence.

All in all, our quality of life is directly linked to how mobile and free we are physically and mentally. If you require assistance in furthering your abilities to get more out of every day, know that you don’t have to face it alone.

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