High 5 Awards – October 2022

Choice HomecareAwards

Glen and Judy‘s client’s daughter told us they are “like angels sent down from heaven. They take such great care of my dad. I know that if anything were to happen to him, they would notify me immediately.” She went on to say, “Glen and Judy are able to encourage my dad to eat which is very important to me as he has lost weight in the recent past. We love and appreciate all their hard work and dedication to my father. As a result of having them there, I am able to relax and know that he will eat and be well taken care of.” She thanks Glen and Judy for all they do to help her dad live his best life.

The husband of Bouchra‘s client called to tell us about the great care she provides. He said, “We are so grateful for all the times Bouchra comes with us to our appointments and hospital visits. . . As a result of her dedication, it helps us to feel more at ease during those difficult times. We really love having Bouchra around to help us care for my wife. Thank you for your dedication to our family.”

Wendy has been working very closely with Sharon to ensure her client is receiving as many hours as possible through HCCSS. She has been an advocate for her client and has provided her with resources to apply for additional assistance. Wendy always communicates with the care coordinators to ensure the care plan is as accurate as possible and has stayed with the client, past her scheduled time, to ensure good care.

Sabina‘s client called the office to let us know how pleased he is with her. Originally scheduled to work two days a week, after the first visit she offered suggestions to rearrange her schedule to allow for a third visit. Her client stated, “Sabina is a godsend. She is very, very good at being a PSW and an amazing woman”. He wanted to let us know he appreciated her. He finished the call by saying, “At the end of each visit she takes me to the bus and gives me a big hug and that shows she is such a wonderful lady.”

At Choice Homecare, we have an amazing team of caregivers. Congratulations to all the High-Five Award recipients this month.