High-5 Awards 2022 December

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Our clients continued to heap praise on our caregivers during the holiday season. One client called to tell us: “Gigi was a pleasure to work with. She anticipates all [my mother’s] needs and takes initiative by doing extra tasks without being asked.” Gigi is a long-term caregiver to us who has consistently received unsolicited compliments. An Occupational Therapist praised Stephanie … Read More

High 5 Awards – October 2022

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“With Glen and Judy taking care of my dad, I am able to relax, knowing that my dad will eat and is well taken care of.”

High 5 Awards – July 2022

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When a client passed away, Choice Homecare’s Ramatu, Funke, and Lilia worked together to help the family, staying with them at the hospital and helping them later.

High 5 Awards – June 2022

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When a daughter had trouble getting her mother out of the house for some fresh air, she asked her mom’s caregiver for help.

High 5 Awards – May 2022

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When Gigi D. arrived at her housekeeping shift, her client stated that she was seeing spots. Gigi notified the client’s husband who called the doctor. He recommended that she be taken to emergency immediately and Gigi transported the client there safely. Without Gigi’s quick action, it could have been much worse.

2021 Employee of the Year

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Choice Homecare has exceptional caregivers. Meet Ramatu, our 2021 Employee of the Year. Ramatu is a great example of what our clients can expect when receiving services from Choice Homecare: genuine, hardworking, professional, and highly trained.

High 5 Awards – April 2022

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“Clever Josephine detected a swelling in my foot when changing my socks – turned out it was a clot. Two doctors examined it and I started an aggressive anticoagulant. Gold Star!” Josephine’s client was thrilled by her care.