High 5 Awards – November 2022

Choice HomecareAwards

When Alycia arrived at her client’s home, she found she couldn’t reach him or his spouse. She took immediate action and called the office and was instructed to call 911. Police came with paramedics and kicked in the door and found the client’s spouse had fallen in the closet doorway and there was a burned pizza in the oven which was, thankfully, turned off. The husband was pacing in the apartment for over 12 hours while his spouse was on the floor! We were happy to know everyone was safe and taken care of.

 Meanwhile, Alycia helped us create a care plan for the client. Due to her quick response we were able to get the client’s medications, meals and well-being prioritized and organized so that she was comfortable and safe in her home. Alycia also adjusted her schedule to work longer hours.

Maria started working with a husband and wife in November of 2019. She adds additional shifts and stays late whenever needed to ensure their continuation of care. Recently, the client’s husband had to go to the hospital and after her regular day shift, Maria stayed an extra 4 hours to ensure his wife was comforted during his absence. When the next caregiver arrived, she stayed even later to introduce the caregiver to the client, home, and routine. Going above and beyond, Maria also gave the caregiver her number so she could be reached at any time for support and additional guidance.

At Choice Homecare, we have an amazing team of caregivers. Congratulations to all the High-Five Award recipients this month.