High 5 Awards – June 2022

Choice HomecareAwards

When a daughter had trouble getting her mother out of the house for some fresh air, she asked her mom’s caregiver for help. Nashma told her they were going out in the sun for a haircut! They had been out of power for a while, and by going outside, they could use natural forces to warm her and help her hair dry – no electricity needed! Her client was thrilled and loves the days when Nashma does her hair. Her daughter was impressed by Nashma’s innovation and kindness.

Janpreet was doing a shift from 3pm-11pm when her replacement for the 11pm-7am shift booked off with three hour’s notice. Getting a replacement on such short notice was difficult so Janpreet immediately offered to stay and cover the overnight shift without us even asking.

Raven‘s client’s mother told us that both she and her daughter absolutely adore Raven. Even with schedule complications they want her to stay so badly that they are willing to change the shift times around Raven’s schedule. The client’s mother commented that “Raven was an outstanding PSW and was so good at her job”.

Brenda took the initiative to investigate a scheduling error and corrected it. She contacted her client to ensure the change was correct. Once she discovered it was an error she called on-call to let us know about the error and reminded us not to charge the client for that shift. She also refused to be paid for a short cancellation.

When Nicky‘s client’s emergency contact called to inform us he was still in hospital, she told us how grateful they were for Nicky and how professional she presented herself and the level of respect and discretion she showed. She went on to say that on one occasion Nicky returned to the client after she had finished another shift to make sure he was ok.

One client’s daughter had this to say about her mother’s caregivers, Kaela and Raven: “I just had glowing reviews of Kaela and Raven during mom’s annual care conference. Several departments acknowledged how great they are. I was told how often they are taking her to activities, and I appreciate this so much.” 

Until next month,Team Choice