High 5 Awards – September 2022

Choice HomecareAwards

When a client’s family wanted to enjoy a holiday, five people stepped in to cover around-the-clock care for the client. Not only was the client exceptionally cared for, but her family was able to enjoy a break. High-five to Racquel, Betty, Pacita, Beth, and Judith for their exceptional care not only for their client, but also for her family.

Calling 911 isn’t the way most caregiver shifts begin, but that’s what happened to Valerie. When she arrived at the client’s home, she noticed a significant change in her client’s condition. Guessing it was hypoglycemia, she immediately called 911. Her client was safely brought to the hospital, and Valerie remained calm and professional through the event, calming her client. High-five to Valerie!

Valerie’s new client was nervous to start working with a caregiver, and wasn’t sure what to expect. At her first visit, Valerie explained everything and soon made her feel at ease. Her client said their personalities fit perfectly and she would give her 5 stars.

Bouchra picked up a shift for a client in distress, making a huge difference for the client, and showing her compassion and dedication.

Not only does Sharon coordinate our care schedules during the day, but when a caregiver emergency meant a client needed care at 1:40 am, she went to their house until a replacement caregiver could arrive.

At Choice Homecare, we have an amazing team of caregivers. Congratulations to all the High-Five Award recipients this month.