High 5 Awards – January 2022

Choice HomecareAwards

“She had the client smiling and laughing,” said an RN who works with Sabina‘s client. She called us to say, “What an amazing woman!” She went on to say, “not only was Sabina providing perfect physical care while making the client feel appreciated, cared for and important, she also had the client smiling and laughing the whole time, even when in discomfort. There could not be a more perfect person to provide care for this client.”

One of Ramatu‘s regular clients who received care 7-days a week needed a new caregiver to join the team. The client’s daughter lives far from Ottawa and wouldn’t have been able to help the new caregiver transition. Ramatu was asked to call and review things by phone with the new caregiver but she felt it would be better to go in person. So, unprompted, she met with that caregiver at the client’s house to be be sure the transition went smoothly.

This month, Ramatu gets a second High-Five! She worked an exceptionally long shift without complaint because she was accidentally double booked! She said she was happy to help as she enjoys working with her client.

Until next month,Team Choice