High 5 Awards – August 2022

Choice HomecareAwards

Supporting a client with advanced dementia sometimes means a team approach. When a client’s dementia became advanced, Choice Homecare stepped in with a team approach. With a team of 6 caregivers, they were able to meet her need for consistent caregivers and provide the 24/7 care she needed. From the office, Chris coordinated the team and schedules, checking in weekly with the family so they felt supported and cared for during this difficult time. High-fives to this team of caregivers who cared for him: Aldirene, Chinasa, Stephanie, Feruza, Peace, and Norlailah.

Samantha‘s client called to say: “Thank you so much for Samantha. She really is a wonder woman. She does everything really fast and is efficient. I can’t thank you enough.

“The son of Sabina‘s client notified us saying the following: “Sabina has been an absolute life saver for my family. She is fantastic with my dad, who can be a challenge. Not only does she provide great care for him but the house is always sparkling after her visit as she takes it upon herself to clean while my father sleeps. Sabina is worth her weight in gold and I hope she is appreciated for the amazing work that she does.

“High-five to Judy for being a team player. She accepted shifts to cover for another caregiver who needed a few personal days. At the last minute we found out the caregiver’s appointments were cancelled. Judy volunteered to give the shifts back to the regular staff. It was very kind of her to be looking out for other team members. Judy is often recognized by her clients for being an amazing caregiver and she also deserves the recognition for being a helpful co-worker as well.

On the second day after the client was discharged from the hospital, Precious provided an excellent update suggesting interventions that would be helpful for the client. Her client had spent several months in the hospital and came back to a home that needed thorough, deep cleaning. Precious did not hesitate to purchase cleaning supplies to clean the home, a task outside of the client’s Care Plan. She was moved with compassion for the client and her spouse (who is blind) and stayed longer for her first shift to make sure both her client and her spouse were settling in well. Precious has a heart for people and goes the extra mile not for the monetary reward, but for the satisfaction that comes with seeing clients happy with good care. Precious declined to be reimbursed for the purchase she made for the client.

Eileen‘s professionalism is an asset to Team Choice. She helps where needed and does an excellent job with staff performance reviews. She is approachable and offers kind and wise advice in almost any situation.

At Choice Homecare, we have an amazing team of caregivers. Congratulations to all the High-Five Award recipients this month.