High 5 Awards – April 2022

Choice HomecareAwards

“Clever Josephine detected a swelling in my foot when changing my socks – turned out it was a clot. Two doctors examined it and I started an aggressive anticoagulant. Gold Star!” Josephine’s client was thrilled by her care.

While working with her client, Marie recognized a significant change in their condition and called on-call for further instruction. The client was recommended to go to the hospital and Marie followed protocols and did a great job throughout the incident.

Cailin accepted an emergency shift to assist our clients at a retirement home, going above and beyond so they could get the care they needed.

Alina‘s client told us: “Alina is great. Very helpful and attentive. Always in a great mood and willing to converse. She makes me feel comfortable and well supported.”

Until next month,Team Choice