High-5 Awards 2023 October

Manish SharmaAwards

Ramatu Yahya

Ramatu impresses her client’s family and Team Choice. Her client’s daughter sent us the following review; “Ramatu has been, by far, the best PSW to support Mom. 

In addition to the wonderful support she provides for my Mom, the staff at the residence also value her help. Recently, Ramatu observed that nurses from other agencies who were not familiar with residents were verifying their identities when administering medications by checking their clothing tags. I think we all know that clothing often gets mixed up in these places so that is an unreliable method at best, and possibly a fatal approach at worst. I brought this observation to the assistant director of care and they will implement a reminder/education effort to ensure this doesn’t happen anymore. Ramatu may literally have saved lives at Forest Hill. The administration is grateful for her kind, respectful, and diligent approach.” 

 Client Safety and Risk Management are important components in healthcare. Thank you Ramatu for taking the time to ensure clients are safe. You gave peace of mind to our client’s daughter and helped many others along the way. Bravo Ramatu!

Fran Domingo

Fran’s client emailed us to let us know how thrilled she was with Fran. Her client was overjoyed and shared with us that Fran was a smart self-starter and arrived that day for her shift in the midst of chaos between the client’s foot nurse and household renovations that were happening. She stated Fran was able to navigate all of that. They had a great conversation when it was quiet enough to speak. The client thinks Fran enjoyed herself and had a good handle on what needed to be done. The client stated she appreciated the help and looked forward to seeing Fran on a regular basis. 

Thank you for taking everything in stride, Fran. We don’t always have control of the situation we get into with our clients but we are grateful you are adaptable and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the client experience is joyful. 


Ariene Tearr 

Ariëne’s client’s wife called after hours and spoke with on-call support to advise how pleased she was with Ariëne and wanted us to know how extremely helpful she was that day. The client had been at risk and safety was a concern for both the client and the client’s wife. Ariëne covered the shift and the client’s wife expressed how grateful she was to have such a competent caregiver. Ariëne helped ensure the client was well cared for and comfortable. The client’s wife said, “I am very happy with the time that Ari spent with us and she did a great job and relieved my stress”. 

Well done Ariëne. Putting compassion into action is a top-notch skill and we are grateful to have an amazing caregiver like you as part of our amazing team!