High-5 Awards 2023 November

Manish SharmaAwards

Olu Peters

Olu’s client’s daughter called the office to express her gratitude for having Olu enters her mom’s life. She felt Olu’s presence was very calming. She stated he was reassuring and constantly checked on her mom throughout the overnight shift. Our client’s daughter shared that her mom had not slept through the night in a while, but did on all three overnight shifts with Olu. The client told her daughter that Olu was amazing and she wanted to ensure he was recognized for his exceptional care.

It’s ambassadors like Olu that prove Team Choice is a 5-star homecare service provider. Thank you for providing exceptional care.

Sharon Mulamba & Faith MacDonald

Compassionate Care is the mindset of Team Choice. Faith received a call from a gentleman who asked for help and threatened to harm himself. She immediately passed him to our nurse, Sharon, for assistance. Sharon did a quick health assessment over the phone and determined the caller was in medical distress physically and mentally. Sharon’s caring nature allowed the caller to disclose that he previously had cancer and went through chemo which took a toll on his body; he lost all his friends to Covid-19 and felt he had no support from family. Sharon asked the right questions, obtained the caller’s address, and was granted permission to call 911. Sharon then asked the caller if she could pass him back to Faith so she could call 911 and he agreed. Faith continued to engage the caller while we confirmed with the 911 agent that paramedics were on their way. Faith stayed calm and comforted the caller while he shared many personal details.

Thank you, Faith and Sharon, for putting your compassion into action. We give our best to all in need and you certainly demonstrate this action each and every day.