High-5 Awards 2023 August

Manish SharmaAwards

Desmond Mbuko

Desmond joins the ranks of high-five glory for picking up an urgent staffing request from HCCSS that was outside of his geographical area. After receiving a call from HCCSS asking for our help, we reached out to Desmond who didn’t hesitate to say yes to this client. Taking on the responsibility for a client with special care needs shows that you’re not only dependable but also caring and attentive to the unique needs of each client.

Thank you, Desmond, for your outstanding dedication and for making a real difference in someone's life. Your willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that this client receives the specialized care they require is truly inspiring. Keep up the amazing work!

Gaetane Roy

Whenever needed, Gaetane is willing to travel to any area to help provide care to our clients. She has attended shifts that were outside her regular availability when a co-worker had to book off the shift, to ensure our clients are receiving the care they require. Gaetane is always positive and has expressed her willingness to help out any way she can to make a difference in the quality of someone’s life. We have received calls from Gaetane’s clients expressing their gratitude for her care. 

Keep up the amazing work and continue shining with your outstanding work ethic. Thank you for being an invaluable asset to the team 



Betty Aquino & Pacita Tomalon 

Betty and Pacita have stepped up to the plate again to ensure there were no gaps in their client’s schedule. While Pacita was on shift, one of her co-workers called in sick and Pacita readily agreed to stay with the client as long as needed. When Betty heard that Pacita was ready to pull a double, she connected with her Care Coordinator to advise that she would start her shift early to alleviate Pacita. These caregivers are commended for their great communication and for working so well as part of their team. Following our Guiding Principles, these caregivers show their strong Client-Centered approach, their passion for making a difference, and how well we give our best to each other and our clients. 

We are very proud and grateful to have such dedicated and kind-hearted caregivers! We appreciate everything you do!



Lori MacCalman

Lori received a high-five after her client called us to tell us how extremely happy they were to have Lori as their new caregiver. They told us the quality care that they are receiving from Lori was top-notch and the best ever. Lori not only does what is required but also asks if there is anything else she can help with before she leaves for the day, truly making a positive impact on the client’s quality of life. 

Way to go Lori! Your compassion and genuine kindness prove that you were a great CHOICE for us and the client!



Emilio Mazarin

After receiving a call from our client’s daughter to set up emergency services for her mom, Emilio accepted the shift offer quickly and was able to attend the shift within the hour. Emilio provided 5-star service for the client and ensured the client was supported at home and at the hospital. After speaking with the client’s daughter the next day, we learned that the client felt safe and protected having Emilio with her during this traumatic time. She appreciated Emilio’s gentle, kind, and compassionate care.  

Thank you Emilio for your rapid response to the shift offer and for making our client feel so supported. You truly deserved the 5-star Google rating we received from the client!


Julia Espinosa 

Julia’s client wanted to share their appreciation for her. They stated that “Julia is a very kind, dependable, and caring caregiver who goes above and beyond to support us and make us feel safe.” Her dedication does not go unnoticed as she has an immaculate attendance record and actively participates in her clients’ care.  

Thank you Julia for all that you do. We are glad to have you on our team Choice!