Exploring the Effects of Patient Care on the Caregiver

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Those who need us need to be able to depend on us with confidence – such is the way when it comes to personal caregiving. That said, sometimes it’s inevitable that patient care, especially in difficult circumstances such as amidst cancer treatments, can have an adverse effect on caregiver wellness. When we really care about someone – which we do at Choice Homecare Ottawa with every person who needs us – it can be a challenge to cope and remain strong. However, with a robust support group and the help of others in our operations, we have become one of the strongest and most effective caregiving teams in Canada. With that said, let’s explore the effects of patient care on the caregiver.


When caring for a patient, in some circumstances, the caregiver may focus too deeply on their welfare at a personal level, essentially “draining” any drive to care for their own selves. This can be equated to burnout; the caregiver may struggle to respond to emails, make efforts to enjoy social gatherings outside of work and otherwise. Without proper support and respect for boundaries, self-neglect can take its toll. That’s why we at Choice Homecare Ottawa treat all employees as family and take great efforts to protect them as well as our patients.


If we try to be superheroes and be the ultimate caregiver while doing everything for ourselves as best as possible, it’s only natural that we can only do so much in either regard. After all, our caregivers are only human, and it’s only human nature to overcompensate out of compassion or concern. This is why our caregivers are meticulously trained in the art of balance, achieving harmony between doing our very best for patients in need while not overdoing it and risking our own wellness. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be very helpful at all!

Negative Feelings

Sometimes, we need to accept that certain patients will never get 100-percent better. Not every illness or ailment is kind to human life, and neither is age. It’s important for the caregiver to recognize this helplessness and accept that there’s nothing to be ashamed or angry at ourselves over – we literally can only do so much until miracle cures for the world’s tragic diseases and hardships are invented.

How Choice Homecare Protects our Caregivers

Keeping a positive attitude and doing our very best in a practical manner is essential, and it’s a core fundamental principle of how Choice Homecare operates. Our patients love us for that positive nature, and we never greet them in any other way as we know a helping hand can brighten even the darkest days. That last point is what inspires us all at Choice Homecare Ottawa. We’re here for you and your loved ones, and we care deeply about doing our very best to make a positive difference, however slight or significant.

Knowing how to do our best work without overworking ourselves or breaking that fragile balance means our team of caregivers and support staff are able to perform at their peak, maintaining consistent-quality service you count on! That’s what makes us proud to be such an integral part of the community.

To gain further insights into the efforts we make to protect ourselves as well as our patients, read Les Lindquist’s article profiling the leaps our team makes on the inside to do our very best – for ourselves and for you.