5 Signs of Caregiver Burnout

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Taking care of an elderly loved one is a noble cause. Being a caregiver is not an easy task, however. It can leave a person exhausted and stressed out in only a matter of weeks, and after that comes caregiver burnout. If a caregiver to an elderly loved one exhibits any of the following signs of burnout, it is time to get help.

Irregular Habits

If a caregiver begins to stop eating and drinking regularly, or if they start to eat too much or very poorly, it may be a sign of burnout because of stress. The same thing goes for irregular sleeping patterns. If insomnia begins to set in, or if a caregiver begins to sleep for half the day, the responsibility of care-giving may be causing burnout.

Poor Health

Caregivers can become sick because of the irregular habits mentioned above or because of the stress of taking care of a dying loved one. Sometimes a cold will take weeks to go away, or it may persist for an even longer period. Illnesses that last longer than they should are a sign of a reduced immune system, which is a symptom of caregiver burnout.

Reclusive Behaviour

If a caregiver is consistently avoiding interaction with other people, even close family members, they might be suffering from caregiver burnout. Being a caregiver can drain someone to the point where they don’t have any energy, or it can make them grow disdainful for everyone else who isn’t helping as much as them. Home healthcare assistance can reduce the burden on the caregiver so they return to their usual social habits.

Intrusive Thoughts

Caregiver burnout can get so bad that intrusive thoughts like suicide or hurting their elderly loved ones can start to form. If a caregiver has these thoughts, they need to seek mental help immediately. These thoughts are very dangerous warning signs that burnout and depression have started.

No Enjoyment in Life

Everyone has hobbies and things they love to do to pass the time. If a caregiver begins to show apathy towards their hobbies and interests, it could be a sign that they need a break from care-giving and that they are burnt out.

Seeking home healthcare assistance from a service like Choice Homecare can ease the burden on family and improve the quality of life of the caregivers and the loved ones needing care. If you have further questions, give Choice Homecare a call any time at 613-907-3191.