What are Chronic Neuromuscular Degenerative Diseases?

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Thousands of Canadians across the country suffer from chronic neuromuscular degenerative diseases, but what are they? Whether you’re a caregiver looking to learn more about such conditions or you are trying to find ways to help a loved one cope, a firm grasp of such diseases is essential. Today, let’s explore these chronic and often debilitating diseases in more detail.

The Basics

Chronic neuromuscular degenerative diseases are conditions that can result in muscle weakness and degradation, sometimes to an irreparable extent. They can cause the body to be less effective at controlling muscles, causing communication between nerves and muscles to suffer as a result. Sufferers of such conditions may experience a range of uncomfortable symptoms including spasms, twitching and/or pain, and they may be stuck living with one of several disorders on a long-term basis.

Impact on Motor Functions and Mobility

For chronic diseases, learning to cope with the condition is essential. This can be particularly difficult for chronic degenerative illnesses that severely impact mobility or motor functions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy, or ALS. This is due to the fact that such diseases can limit the reactivity of nerves and muscles, weakening their connections to one another, and creating movement issues. Other aspects of motor function impairment include breathing and swallowing difficulties, numbness or painful sensations, and severe balance problems. Combined, the safety and wellness of someone with such a disease are made all the more fragile without treatment such as mobility therapy.

Diagnosis and Treatment is Essential

If you believe yourself or a loved one is suffering from symptoms indicative of such a disease, you should reach out to your doctor or a trusted local medical professional as soon as possible. Depending on the condition, the subsequent treatment options may be more or less limited, but they may be more effective if you are diagnosed early enough. Comprehensive in-home care and mobility therapy can ensure the quality of life and wellness is maintained more optimally.

Living with a neuromuscular degenerative disease can be frustrating, especially if it is chronic in nature.

Through our partnership with NeuroGymRehab, the Choice Homecare Ottawa team is happy to help you make more progress. Be sure to reach out for help if yourself or a loved one needs professional assistance.