High-5 Awards 2022 December

[email protected]Awards

Our clients continued to heap praise on our caregivers during the holiday season.
One client called to tell us: “Gigi was a pleasure to work with. She anticipates all [my mother’s] needs and takes initiative by doing extra tasks without being asked.” Gigi is a long-term caregiver to us who has consistently received unsolicited compliments.
An Occupational Therapist praised Stephanie because she had noticed a significant quality of life change for her MVA client with Stephanie’s care.
Alyssa, a caregiver who has been on Team Choice for several years, received a compliment from the spouse of her client, telling us what a wonderful job she was doing, getting him out to social social settings, organizing his medications, and preparing his food to suit his taste and needs.
Gloria and Darline also received unsolicited praise from clients and colleagues.
We are privileged to have these compassionate and competent caregivers serving our clients.